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The Ultimate Detailing Deal includes a deep clean, inside and out, a full polish to remove light scratches and a waxing that will leave your car with that deep glossy shine that lasts  and lasts.

Price depends on the extent of the work that will need to be done.
Call now for a free quote on detailing your vehicle.

  • We detail cars, trucks, atv's, buses, motorcycles, boats and watercraft. 

  • We clean engines and underside chassis.

  • We pick-up your vehicle and return it to you.

  • We paint cars, trucks, atv's, suv's, scooters, motorcycles, boats and watercraft. 

  • We can bring your vehicle back to it's original glory or customize it into a showpiece.

  • Two tone, stripes, flames, decals, vinyl, and More


The environment on St. Maarten is harsh to say the least and quality paints combined with expert application is going to save you money, time and aggravation. We use only the best quality paints and products on your vehicle and our Master painter was trained in Holland at the ROC. Call now for a free quote for painting your vehicle.

vehicle body repairs

From small dinks and scratches in your door to large dents in your fender, we can give you a quote for any repairs you need and make it like it never happened. Price depends on the extent of the work that will need to be done.

Call now to set up an appointment and get a quote. 

  • We repair cars, trucks, suv's, atv's, buses, scooters and motorcycles. 

  • We take care of the bodywork, part replacement & paint repairs.

  • We pick-up your vehicle and return it to you.

vip repairs
  • We repair cars, trucks, atv's, motorcycles, & watercraft. 

  • Engines, electrical systems, audio systems and replacement parts and accessories.

  • We can clear those pesky check-engine signs.

  • We pick-up your vehicle and return it to you.


At Ultra Customs, in addition to our shop, we have relationships with many mechanics, and most garages on the island, we know who does what well, and we know how fast or slow they are. You can benefit from our connections with our VIP repair service. Give us a call and we will come to you and inspect your vehicle, and give you a quote.

seat repairs

St. Maarten weather being mostly very hot and often wet, can do serious damage to your vehicles interiors. We repair cracked, torn and faded leather and vinyl seats, we match the color and leave your seats looking like new. Tired of the color of your interior and seats? We can change it! Call us for more information.

window tint

Professionally installed tint on your vehicle will increase privacy, while blocking the glare & helping to protect the interior of your vehicle by reducing the amount of heat & UV rays coming into it.

  • We install tint in cars, trucks, suv's, & motorcycles. 

  • Choose from assorted tints and colors.

  • Need some text on your windows, we do vinyl too.

  • We pick-up your vehicle and return it to you.


Contact us now for all your watercraft detailing, maintenance and repair needs.

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